The Adventures of Don Ghotti and Don Pitts Vol 4 has been leaked

Yoooo I've been telling you all about the DG Movement. I've given you all access to The Adventures of Don Ghotti and Don Pitts Official Mixtapes Volumes 1-3..... Now Volume 4 has been leaked. Hear it here before anyone else, and before it hits the streets. It's leaked as PART 1 and PART 2 because there are too many Fiya ass tracks to put on one Mixtape. Click each one to take a listen and make sure to pass it along to your peoples!

Check out the track listing:
1. Intro - Computer Voice "The Adventures of Don Ghotti & Don Pitts - Official Mixtape Vol. 4... Bitch"
2. Music Super Hero - Lydia Caesar
3. Born a Star - KD
4. Starter - FMOS
5. Dead Body - Ja Rule feat. Gwap Boyz
6. Diamond in the Ruff - Je Welz
7. Interlude - Computer Voice - "Steak taste different in a drought...Ahhh well it's still steak"
8. Boxframe Cadillac - Freddie Gibbs
9. Cadillac Music - Ric Flair
10.Grind - Tim 305 & Nak 305
11. Get it Poppin - Boe Skagz
12. Where They do that At - Slim Dollars
13.The Block - Ali Vegas
14.Interlude - Computer Voice - "Failure is the Best Professor"
15.Our World - CheyN
16. Had 2 Go - Chris Classic
17. Can't Let Go - Shonie feat. Fabolous
18. Living the Life - LMarr the Great
19. Nuvo - Jayson "Hollywood" Vorheez
20. Now I Love Nina - Rich Hill feat. Troy Ave
21. Don't Stop - CheyN
22. Interlude - Computer Voice -"The Back Fat is where you place one bowl of whip cream & one bowl of scrawberries...multi-task that Body FAT"
23. Roll Play - Otis Lee
24. Outro - Computer Voice - "myth - If you look Erykah Badu in the eyes long enough, you'll get her Pregnant"
Ahhh Shytt - Hit Boy
Antidote - Marky

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